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Hyacinth / Dutch Hyacinth / Garden Hyacinth

Botanical name: Hyacinthus Orientalis
Common name: Hyacinth
Family: Liliaceae
Native: Mediterranean region from north Africa, Greece to Syria
Season: Mid Spring March / April in a garden, Jan - April  cut flowers
Flower color: Wild hyacinth native to Turkey, middle East was purplish blue.  Hybrids are red, pink, orange, yellow and white.
Note: Very scented flowers but toxic to animals. Some may cause allergies when touching bulb which contains high amount of toxin  (alkaloids).

Hyacinthus Orientalis Hyacinthus Orientalis Sweet Scent bouquet with Hyacinth and tulbaghia frangrans
Floriography of blue hyacinth's is sincerity

Hyacinth are long vase life and its sweet scents lasts while flowers are blooming.  Good to mix with other spring flowers such as ranunculus, tulbaghia fragrans and anemone. 

Special instruction - see flower care tips