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Botanical name: Tulipa
Common name: Tulip
Family: Liliaceae
Native: Mountains of Central Asia, Hindu Kush(central Afghanistan to Northern Pakistan), Pamir, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan
Season: Cut flowers are available from January, in garden Late March to early May
Flower color: red, pink, orange, purple and white, salmon, bi-colour in various shades
Shapes:single petal, double petal, fringed, lily flowered, parrot and more

Tulipa, parrot group Tulipa, fringed shape Tulip

Tulip Mania

This is the well known story of the first economic bubble which happened in Holland.

The tulip was brought from the Ottoman Empire to Vienna, Austria by Ogier de Busbecq, an ambassador of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor in 1554. The emperor appointed Carolus Clusius, a French botanist to establish a botanical garden in Vienna. Long after he left Vienna, Clusius took up a position as a professor at Leiden University in 1953 and happened to find rare varieties of the tulip. Later, in the 20th century, it was revealed that the patterns of different colours found on tulips were the result of a virus known as the 'Tulip breaking virus'. Around 1610, tulips became very popular among wealthy collectors. Twenty years later, investors started to deal in bulbs. Then the public also joined the mad market. One rare bulb could have been exchanged for a house or double the price of what Rembrandt received for his work. However, on February 3rd 1637, the market collapsed abruptly as nobody wish to buy tulip bulbs.

Do you know?

Not only Tulip but also other bulb flowers are very sensitive to ethylene gas.  Flower-bud blasting in Tulip, leaf abscission in Hyacinth.  Make sure you keep away from fruits and vegetables.