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Botanical name: Ranunculus asiaticus
Common name: Persian Buttercup, Turban Buttercup
Family: Ranunculaceae
Native: Eastern Mediterranean region and northeastern area of south Africa
Season: Cut flowers are available from January, in garden April to May
Flower color: red, pink, orange, purple and white, salmon, bi-colour in various shades

 Ranunculus asiaticus / Persian buttercup Ranunculus asiaticus / Persian buttercup Ranunculus asiaticus / Persian buttercup

Lovely round shape with multiple layers of thin, paper-like petals.  It will develop gorgeously and lasts for more than a week.  It belongs to ranunculaceae, which is rather big family with approximately 400 species*.  Ranunculus is a Latin, meaning a flog.  This plant prefers moisture/wet lands, just like fogs which inhabit humid areas.
Ranunculus is fantastic for a boquet.  Why not for your wedding?
*good article : http://flowerinfo.org/ranunculus-flowers

Tips of decoration
You may find some stems are soft and difficult to arrange into a floral form.  Make a hole with a stick into a floral form before inserting a flower stem.

Ranunculus asiaticus / Persian Buttercup Ranunculus and Hyacinthus wedding bouquetSpring wedding bouquet
Red Ranunculus bouquet
Valentine's day bouquet
Ranunculus for a table arrangement
Ranunculus for a table arrangement