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Botanical name: Hydrangea macrophylla
Common name: Hortensia
Family: Saxifragaceae / Hydrangeaceae
Native: Japan
Season: June
Flower color: white, pink, blue

Hydrangea in June

About the name
The common name of Hortensia comes from Hortense de Beauharnais, who planted hydrangea in Holland first.  The flower became very popular and now  lots of varieties are available in Holland.

Available type
There are 2 types of hydrangea.  One with light colour native to Japan from June to middle of July.  more pictures The other one  with deep colour which become normally available in Autumn season imported from mainly Holland.

Special note
Toxicity to human, cow as well as goat

Conditioning tip
Remove foliage below water level*. Cut stems at an angle.  Wrap the stem with wet newspaper 10 cm from the end.  Burn with open frame till the stem is charred.  Put it in deep water immediately.
*If you have too many foliage, flowers may not be able to drink water in short time.  For home I would say 3 foliage are enough for each stem.