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Amaryllis as Hippeastrum

Botanical name: Hippeastrum
Common / trade name: Amaryllis
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Native: South America such as Caribbean and Mexico
Season: Spring to Summer in tropical region. Traded mostly winter time in Japan.
Flower color: red, pink, white, salmon, bi-colour

 Hippeastrum / Amaryllis Hippeastrum / Amaryllis

In general, we call this flower Amaryllis. However, the Genus is classified as Hippeastrum in Amaryllidacaeae family.
So the true name for Amaryllis is Hippeastrum. More than 600 hybrid flowers are available with wide range of colours and shapes.
Hippeastrum is so gorgeous and last more than a week. As the flower is from South America, they prefer warm temperature, say 20c-25c. degree. Enjoy Hippeastrum indoor during holiday season.

Note: Amaryllis is a Genus from South Africa Cape. This flower is called 'Belladonna lily (Carl Linnaeus in 1753)', 'Amarillo' or 'Necked lily' as leaves doesn't come out at the same time of flowering.

Tips of decoration
Hippeastrum / Amaryllis, decoration tips

Recommendable with tall, sturdy vase. Show the beautiful long stems through a glass vase.  Very nice with long willows. As Hippeastrum have hollow stems, florists often insert sticks inside of stems to prevent from bending stems. (It is not necessary when the stem is firm enough to hold the weight of flowers!)
When end of the stems curls, cut off the curled parts. This is a peculiarity of Hippeastrum.

Do you know?
Hippeastrum - Amaryllis
Hippeastrum can be decorated by hanging!  Simply put water inside of the stem.   As far as water is kept, they last without a problem!